Are You an Atheist?

Are You an Atheist?

Have you ever experienced or suspected something supernatural? ESP, ghosts, or the force as described in Star Wars? I don’t necessarily mean do you believe in them, but simply do you think there might be something out there that defies scientific proof, and that you don’t know about? How about when soldiers are under fire and facing death that many suddenly resort to a primal nature and seek God, why is that?

Sometimes I try to think about the atheist mind-set which I suspect is as difficult for me as it is for the atheist to grasp the idea of God. Atheists have, as joke or insult, called God “my invisible friend in the sky,” well, guess what, they are almost correct, my invisible friend actually resides in my soul, I can feel him there. He is different and separate from my sense of self which seems to reside in my mind. Like any true friend, I can discuss with and ask my invisible friend for advice. I believe my invisible friend is God, in the form of the Holy Spirit, so I can also pray to Him and ask for guidance and help when needed.

Do atheists believe Christians are stupid? I don’t think so. How about the many Christians who are scientists? Probably not. Do I consider atheists to be stupid, not at all. What I DO believe is that atheists have denied and lost the ability to communicate with their own invisible friend. Even though God loves them, He has removed himself from their life. This makes perfect sense once I saw this explanation… A man loves a woman and wants to be with her, but she rejects him and wants him to leave her alone. Does he continue to pursue and even stalk her? Not if he truly loves her, he will do as she asks.

Perhaps some atheists are unhappy with the answers they get from themselves and others when thinking about their belief that there is no God, why else would they spend so much time and effort re-enforcing it and by arguing and denying God? Perhaps to re-assure themselves? If not, and and they are trying to convince others, then they should really examine their own motives, they have found nothing and they only look forward to death, why do they feel the need to convince and lead others to the same doom? To a Christian that sounds a lot like Satan’s work.

Imagine a group crossing a desert and they send out scouts. The first scout returns with the good news that he has found water and will lead the group to it. The second scout returns reporting he has found nothing, then tries to convince the group to ignore the other scout and follow him. Why would he do that? We should be very careful who we trust and follow.

If you have thoughtful comments or disagreements with any of this, great, have at it, I am always willing to learn.

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